General Dentistry

– Family & Preventative

Attending general dental appointments every six to twelve months depending on your personal needs will keep your teeth and gums healthy, your breath fresh and enable you to have a bright, healthy smile for the long term.

Our team at Thornlie Dental Centre provides following general dental services in order to care for your entire family:

  • Teeth cleaning to remove tartar build-up which can lead to gingivitis 
  • Dental hygiene 
  • Preventative dentistry
  • Children's dentistry 
  • Mouthguards 
  • Fissure sealants to protect children's teeth 
  • White fillings 
  • Root canal therapy 
  • Tooth extractions including simple wisdom tooth extractions 
  • Aged care dentistry 
  • Dentures 
  • Snore Devices

If it has been some time since you last saw our team or since you have had a regular dental assessment, call one of our friendly and informative team members to schedule an appointment and experience our gentle and personal approach to your dental care.

-Snore Devices

A sleep apnoea (anti-snoring) oral appliance is typically molded to fit a particular patient's teeth by a dentist experienced in treating sleep disorders following a sleep study from their doctor. Appliances usually function by moving the lower jaw forward in order to open up the airway during sleep, thus promoting better breathing and less apneas. Some oral appliances restrict tongue movement in order to prevent the tongue from blocking the airway.

Oral appliances have a mixed success rate in treating sleep apnea. They are generally more successful at treating mild and moderate sleep apnea and less effective at treating severe sleep apnea. They may bring the level of apnoea a patient experiences down significantly. Their popularity stems largely from the fact that most patients find them more comfortable than CPAP machines (the most common sleep apnea treatment). Because they are perceived as comfortable, patients are more likely to wear them consistently and comply with treatment.

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