What are they?

Dentures are one way to replace missing teeth. Full dentures replace all the teeth and are made out of acrylic. Partial dentures are made out of either acrylic or metal and are designed to replace only a few teeth. Partial dentures constructed of metal are more comfortable and stronger than acrylic partial dentures.

How are they done?

A few appointments are necessary in the construction of dentures. The dentist takes impressions and moulds with wax and our Dental Labratory constructs the dentures themselves. Once the dentures are completed, they may need slight adjustments until they feel totally comfortable. These adjustments can be performed very easily here at the practice.

Risks involved:

If you haven't worn dentures before, you need to allow your mouth to adapt. This may take a little time, but your persistence will pay off.

Over time the gum and bone supporting the dentures changes. The dentures may need 'relining' after time to ensure they remain stable and comfortable.

The gum tissue is at risk of a fungal infection if the dentures are not removed every day and cleaned and left out of the mouth overnight.

Life expectancy:

To ensure the health of the mouth and proper function is maintained, dentures should be remade every 7 years.

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